While it can be hard to get pre-teens and teens to connect with their grandparents, it’s not impossible. Use Earth Day to draw the two closer. Here are some activities they can do together on April 22nd.

Take a Walk

Senior Care Leawood KS - Earth Day Activities for Grandparents and Older Grandchildren
Senior Care Leawood KS – Earth Day Activities for Grandparents and Older Grandchildren

Grab a bag and go on a walk. Along the way, your parents and older children can pick up trash and recyclables that people have tossed out car windows. It’s a good way to green up the neighborhood, and the cash collected through cans and bottles can get split between your parents and kids for extra spending money.

If you live near a beach or river, picking up trash and recyclables from a waterway can help keep it from reaching the ocean. National Geographic estimates that 18 billion pounds of plastic makes its way into the oceans each year. Your parents and older children could help keep some of this plastic from getting there.

Start Setting Up Gardens

Earth Day is a good time to start assembling raised garden beds. You can purchase kits at many gardening stores. If you’re handy, you can purchase cedar lumber and do it yourself. Grandparents and older children can work together to attach the boards and corner braces.

Once that’s done, soil, compost, and manure can go in and get the garden started. Cool weather crops like beets, spinach, and radishes are a great addition in northern climates where freezing temperatures are still possible for another month.

Build a Compost Bin

If your parents aren’t composting their kitchen scraps yet, this is another great Earth Day activity for grandparents and teens. It doesn’t take much. Some wire chicken fencing and four stakes in the ground are enough to get a pile started. Put a layer of cardboard on the ground, wet it down, and add other layers. Pine needles, leaves, wood stove ashes, and kitchen scraps get added in layers.

Another idea is to set up a worm farm. It works the same way, only you have an enclosed container and worms help break down the scraps you add. In exchange, your parents get nutrient-rich worm casings to add to their garden.

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Sources: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/05/plastics-facts-infographics-ocean-pollution/

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