’Tis the season when the cold weather moves in, so make sure that your senior parent or loved one stays warm this time of year. Here are 5 simple ways that you and your senior’s caregivers can ensure that your senior is safe and warm!

  • Look for leaks
Home Care Prairie Village KS – 5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Senior Warm This Season

When was the last time someone checked their home for cracks and leaks that could potentially be letting cold air inside? Older foundations or walls can be sources of cracks or crevices that can let air in. Also, older windows and doors may be less efficient than newer ones, so look at these sources when you are looking for places where cold air can sneak in.

  • Layer up

An easy way to ensure that your senior stays warm this season, especially during times when you may not be there to help, is to have plenty of warm blankets in very accessible areas around the home. Also encourage them to dress in layers, so that they can easily cool down if they get too warm.

  • Be proactive

The benefits of home care are many, but make sure that someone is being proactive about home repairs that can keep your senior warm, dry, and safe. Have the furnace and hot water heater checked out before there are any known problems, and if you have a fireplace, hire professionals to make sure that it is safe each season, especially if its been a while since they were checked or if your senior lives in an older home.

  • Let there be light

Another simple way to help keep your senior parent or loved one warm this winter is to let the light in! During the daylight hours, encourage them or their home care providers to open the curtains or blinds so that the natural light and warmth from the sun can come into your senior’s home and keep them toasty. Not only does it not cost anything, but it may help save money on heating bills as well, and the sun may help to boost their mood!

  • Furry friends

If your senior has a furry canine or feline friend that likes to snuggle, let them use their body heat to help keep your senior warm. Not only will they most likely need a blanket or two less, but they will enjoy bonding with their pet while they are with their home care provider.

Helpful tip: If your senior uses a space heater, make sure that they are supervised at all times and if they have a caregiver, make sure they know the safety tips about space heaters as well. Never leave your senior alone with a space heater, and be sure that there are no blankets or other items that could touch or cover the heater. Read the manual to find out other tips specific to the model that your senior uses as these can be a safety hazard.

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