When Stroke Victims Require In-Home Care

Home Care Lee's Summit MO - When Stroke Victims Require In-Home Care

Home Care Lee’s Summit MO – When Stroke Victims Require In-Home Care

By Kevin Edwards, President

After an elderly adult has a stroke, their life and that of their family members will certainly change forever. Depending on the severity and the progress of recovery, seniors could be at a point where they need help from others to accomplish daily tasks needed to keep them safe and comfortable in their home. Family caregivers with elderly relatives at this point need to look seriously at home care providers to step in and assist.

Assessing the Needs of Stroke Victims

Studies show that people recover better when they are at home instead of a rehab facility. However, due to the after-effects of the stroke, many seniors cannot live independently any longer. Doctors and physical therapists should meet with family caregivers and the elderly adults to outline a treatment and recovery plan that maximizes healing without jeopardizing safety and wellness. Many families are discovering that home care providers may be the ideal blend of home living and professional care.

Family caregivers want their elderly relatives to live in their home, the place where they are happy and content. However, strokes can leave seniors with all kinds of physical restrictions and challenges, making it impossible to live alone. As family caregivers assess their aging loved one’s needs, they can work with the home care provider about when and how they can assist the senior every day.

What Stroke Victims Need from Home Care Providers

Each stroke victim will differ in what they need from home care providers, but some of the most common tasks include help with bathing, dressing and grooming. Toileting may also be a struggle for some seniors, but a home care provider can help with professionalism and compassion. Home care providers can also pitch in and do light housekeeping, laundry and grocery shopping. Meal planning and preparation is also a service that most home care providers manage on behalf of the aging adult.

Of course, aging adults who are living with the after-effects of a stroke will have plenty of doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions. The home care provider can drive the senior to these appointments and ensure they get there on time and safely. At home, the care provider will help the aging adult start to regain the motor skills they may have lost by encouraging them to do things on their own, from changing the television channel to combing their hair or feeding the dog. As they progress, the aging adult can take on more duties themselves.

When elderly adults have suffered a stroke, the assistance of a home care provider is especially valuable because they get the chance to live in their own home instead of a care facility. Family caregivers and seniors will feel comfortable with a professional and experienced home care provider helping around the house every day.

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