Your senior might be wondering what “social distancing” is and how she should be handling it. These tips can serve her well.

Social Gatherings are a No

Elderly Services Lee's Summit MO - Four Tips to Help Your Senior Use Social Distancing Correctly
Elderly Services Lee’s Summit MO – Four Tips to Help Your Senior Use Social Distancing Correctly

The big thing to remember with social distancing is that gatherings of people are not a great idea right now. Some states and cities are even putting exact numbers to how many people are too many people in one place. This can be difficult for your senior, especially if she meets up frequently with other people for group activities of all sorts. This isn’t permanent and it can help to remember that.

If She Has to Go Out, She Needs Some Distance

If your elderly family member does need to go out, she needs to practice distancing herself from other people. Remaining at least six feet away from other people is a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC is also recommending that people wear cloth face masks when they go out in public. This is to help prevent inhalation of the virus in the air. Something else that a mask does is that it reminds people to avoid touching their face as much. Cloth face masks should always be washed as soon as your senior gets home. She should wear a clean one every time she leaves the house.

Pickup and Delivery Options Are a Priority

Many stores are offering special shopping hours for seniors before the store opens for other people. This is definitely an option, but your senior may feel comfortable with other tools. Curbside pickup and delivery options are now becoming more plentiful than ever before. If there’s something your senior needs, even from a store that doesn’t normally offer these sorts of services, ask what they’re doing for seniors.

Elderly Care Providers Can Fill Gaps in Coverage

Elderly care providers are an excellent choice any time your senior needs extra help, but they can be an incredible help now. Your elderly family member may have been relying on restaurant meals or on other services to make her life easier before the pandemic became a concern. Having elderly care providers helping with meal preparation and other tasks now can be a way for your elderly family member to continue to get the help that she needs.

If your elderly family member is used to being socially active, this can be a difficult time for her. Proper social distancing now can help her to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus, so it’s important to take the right steps.

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