If you’re like most caregivers, you’ve felt that you were completely out of your element more than once. But if you’re feeling this way all the time, you might need to try a few different ideas to help you realize you’ve got this.

Elderly Care Kansas City MO - Five Tips for Feeling Out of Control
Elderly Care Kansas City MO – Five Tips for Feeling Out of Control

Make Some Lists

Lists can help you to realize that you have more resources than you realized. Make lists of people you can rely on for help or solutions to problems. Whenever you’re feeling as if you don’t have the right answer to a problem, brainstorm a list of possible solutions. You’ve got more of a handle on things than you realize.

Formulate Backup Plans

You probably already have a backup plan or two in place. But it doesn’t hurt to have some backup plans for those as well. This is a great way to deal with worries that you know don’t make sense but that you can’t kick. Go over your plans and see if anything has changed or if you’ve learned something that you can add.

Educate Yourself as Much as Possible

The more that you know about your elderly loved ones health conditions and about caregiving the better decisions you’ll make. Set aside some time specifically to catch up on educating yourself. You’ll find that’s time well spent, especially as you gain more confidence in your own abilities.

Join a Support Group

Other caregivers don’t always feel that they have the right answers, too. At a support group you’ll meet caregivers with years of experience who can help you to work past these scary moments. They can show you what they’ve learned and how you can apply it to your own caregiving situation.

Take Some Time Away

When you’re spending too much time worrying, questioning yourself, or feeling out of control, that can be a sign that you need to take time away from caregiving. Hire elderly care providers to take over for you and then get some much-needed respite time in. You’ll come back feeling more relaxed which can help you to see that you were worried about a situation that didn’t need require worries.

Often feeling out of control goes hand in hand with feeling little or no confidence in your abilities to be the caregiver your senior needs you to be. You’re far more prepared for this task than you realize. It’s okay to not always have the right answer right away. You’re still doing great.

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